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When Marianne first thought of holding a Girls’ Night In for Cancer Council back in 2016, it made sense to come up with ‘Toowoomba’s Largest’ as she has been an events coordinator for nearly 15 years. Planning and hosting are her two favourite things (other than her 6-year-old triplets and fur baby, Milo).

At this early stage Marianne called on her friend and manager, of the time, Ruth to help with the raffle. Boy are we glad she did. With Ruth’s awesome selling skills as a jewellery store manager and her local knowledge after living in Toowoomba all her life, Ruth was a great asset to the team.
Year two and dynamics changed, food and live entertainment were added to the event. We needed a bigger team – enter Amber. A property manager and mum to one, Amber also had event experience and is a qualified chef. Perfect team to pull off the sell-out-in-1-weekend 2017 event.

They call themselves ‘The Originals’, meet Ruth, Amber and Marianne (L to R), also known as Ned, Lucky and Dusty

Meet Kristy

My name is Kristy and I live in Toowoomba.

My little family consists of myself, my husband and 2 year old son. I have lived in Toowoomba all of my life and really like the community that it has. I work part-time as admin as well as have my own business, Kreate it, which consists of art workshops and anything creative.

I became interested in supporting Cancer Council as a Committee member, as my mother has been through breast cancer and I know the impact that it has on people’s lives. So, if we can have a fun night and raise money while we’re doing it…. let’s do it!!!

Meet Jasmine

My name is Jasmine and I am the Treasurer of TLGNI. My husband and I have two boys aged 3 and 5. We have been living in Australia for around 3 years. I am originally from Canada and have lived overseas for the past 11 years. We love Australia so far and we are very happy to be a part of the Toowoomba community.

I enjoy the occasional girl’s night out and I am very proud to serve this wonderful, unique event.


Meet Clare

Clare is the owner and director of PR and corporate communications business, Windmill House Creative. Clare is a qualified journalist and media relations professional, originally hailing from St George in south-west Queensland. Although she was predominately raised in the Darling Downs. Clare has worked primarily in news, media and public relations industries, and is former magazine editor at News Corp Australia.

Clare joined the committee due to her passion for volunteering and longstanding appreciation for the Cancer Council. Clare has just returned from living and working in Dublin, Ireland for a year and is delving back into the Darling Downs community.


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